Monday, August 31, 2009

The T.O. Show Season Finale

Ahh im so mad the T.O. Show is coming to a end. I honestly can say that i view Terrell Owens in a different way now. I cannot wait till Season 2

5 Sexiest- Swagger- tas- tick men of our time

In no formal order Kid cudi, Drake, Kanye West, Wale, and Trey Songz

Caution: Hot!

california wildfires

More than a Game, Trailer

looks really good to me

GoodBye Reading Rainbow.

I used to love this show as a child, everyday on PBS. but it seems like all good things must come to a end. PBS ( channel 28) has pulled the plug on the hit wonder show. Reading rainbow first started broadcasting in 1983, and was hosted by LeVar Burton.

Rihanna Does French Vogue

Rihanna looks Fierce!!! Ciao Bella!

Naomi Says what???

" you know, the American president may be black, but as a black woman, I am still an exception in this business. I always have to work harder to be treated equally"

- Naomi Campbell on Racism in the Fashion Industry

How You Doin'

so last night at the Daytime Emmy's i must say, Wendy Williams actually looked great. She donned a yellow halter style dress, very very nice for Wendy.

Just watch


Obama's go on Vacation

look at our First Family, looking mighty fresh while on vacation.

Wale reveals his top 5 sneakers....

so one of my favorite artist, Wale sat down with Complex Magazine a couple weeks ago and he told them his top 5 favorite brands....
1)Tim Duncan Foamposite Max
2)Penny Foamposite 1's
3)Air Jordan's 11 Concord
4)Tiffany & Heineken Sb Dunk
5)Deion Sanders Diamond Turf 2
there all good picks but my favorite are the Tiffany & Heineken Sb dunks

This is Why i Love Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper..lmao this was a good laugh.

Chris Brown on Larry King....

uhhhh.... hmmmmm

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest in Peace Dj Am

so i came back from vacation today, turned on my laptop and bam, Dj Am passes away. very very sad, he was a music dj icon to the california world. rest in peace. Dj Am

Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing.. J.Randall

Music - in todays world needs to be a insirpation. Whether you are singing your own Music or someone elses. check out my friend, J.Randall sing his version of Mary J. Blige," Stronger" Enjoy! to learn more about J. Randall's music visit

Tribal meets Urban

as seen on," Its on With Alexa Chung" go buy at forever 21, From there heritage 1981 line.


In Michael Jackson News

The Los Angeles Coroner has just ruled Michael Jackson's death as a homocide. The coroner is stating that jackson died from a powerful overdose of the drug, propofol. Which was given in a very lethal form to Jackson. This is all the information that i have at the moment, more details to follow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Marktavious...

listen. he gonna be real big some day

We Just Be Hyperizen

" playa hatin on a playa, girl i see yah later" - Fog Raw

Um, No Not Quite

Look at the fool, making a remake of run this town

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kourtney Kardashian Pregers??

So i got the inside scoop and im the first to break the story that Kourtney Kardashian is most def. pregant!!! But who's the baby's daddy???

Congrats, J. Hud !!!

as most of you know Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a beatiful baby son, which was named after her baby's father, David Otunga ( formally known, as Punk from I love New York)

Thank You!!!

Just when we thought there was no hope for urban publications, a company has been in the works of buying Vibe out of debt.
When CapitolSource, a major debt holder, announced the shutdown of Vibe in June, it wasn’t even a mere thought that the company would recover. But a former publisher of the magazine Leonard Burnett Jr. and the owners of Uptown Magazine have reached a deal with CapitolSource to buy out the Vibe Brand:
Wicks Group paid about $35 million, with financing from CapitalSource, to buy Vibe in 2006. And since the magazine’s shutdown, executives close to the matter said, CapitalSource has been trying to recoup some of the unrecovered debt by accepting offers from potential buyers.
It seems that those efforts have finally paid off because a deal has been reached between Uptown and its equity banker along with CapitolSource to buy back Vibe. We’re so happy Vibe is back on the scene because leaving the urban representation up to King and Black Men’s mag was not an option ( courtesy of

Kid Cudi Album Cover

kid cudi is not just a rapper, he is an artist. Check out the artwork for his new album cover. Pretty sick....right?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tyra Does Gossip

Tyra Banks made an apperance on Gossip Girl, this past thursday. Fierce,right?

Solange Steps Out With New Do

I know everyone was talking about solange's new do a couple weeks ago. But last night at Samantha Thavasa press conference she stepped out, with her new shaven'd look. You like? Leave your comments.

Powerhouse 2009

So i was able to attend Powerhouse 09 this past Saturday, Some of the performers where: Ya Boy, Far East Movement, New boyz, LMFAO, Sean Paul, Pitbull, Lil Jon, Flo- Rida, Black Eyed Peas, and Jay-z.

He is one of the World's Greatest Performers

So i was able to see Jay-z perform this past saturday, at powerhouse 09. And i have come to the conclusion that he is one of the greatest performers of our lifetime. He performed for almost a hour straight rappin his hits like, " Nigga What, Nigga Who?" and "Hard Not life." From old to new starting with Death of Autotune and We Run this Town. But my favorite part was the ending. Jay-z took off his sunglasses and look out into the audience and thanked everyone. He said," To my N**** in the pink shirt thank you for coming, but thats a little too much pink for me." The whole crowd was laughing and the on the screen was the man in the pink shirt. Overall, this is just Jay-z's Beginning

New Music Monday....Meet Marktavious

With a name like Marktavious, what more needs to be said. With a upbeat track called," Gettin' It Right" its no wonder he is gettin it right. Im a huge advocate of hearing new music, and he's music is something new and im loving it. With a deep voice, i was surpised, he sounds like no one i had have heard before, which is a good thing.One of my favorite songs off of his tracks is," Don't Stop." And anyone with a imaginative eye already knows what this song is about. Marktavious is someone the world needs to keep up on, because i have a feeling his music is gonna be hear for a long time. To hear some of Marktavious music visit :

Friday, August 7, 2009

DVD Release.." Obsessed"

so I never got the chance to see Obsessed in theaters. But i think they killed the movie with the continous commericals. Because when i watched it on directv today, i knew every line in the movie, im not even lying. But watch it for yourself and you should be the judge.

Fashion Forward Friday

So I have personally, announced that on my blog Fridays are deemed as Fashion Foward Friday's in which i will reveil a new designer which i have found. So this week's pick is Bad Bunch Clothing. Here are some of there key pieces from their Line for more looks go to

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Perfection At Its Best!!

this is perfection at its best, ladies and gentlemen. Kid Cudi's one of his photo's in Complex Magazine

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together?

As you all know, Chris Brown and Rihanna are going threw it. And it seems like there getting back together. Im gonna go into much detail, but I just hope they are not the new Ike and Tina??

The Game? Im Ready for Season 4!!!!

So as you know The Game was canceled by The CW is now being shopped from by BET. Im waiting for them to be picked up cause im tired of watching re-runs.

Ready? The Nba Releases Season Schedule

Yesterday the NBA released the schedule for the new 2009- 2010 season. Whos ready? I am.

Lamar Odom Signs Back On.

( Via Cbs News)After a rocky free-agent courtship, Odom will return to the club he helped to its 15th NBA title this summer. Lakers spokesman John Black confirmed an agreement, but wouldn't discuss specifics. The deal will keep Odom alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, along with new teammate Ron Artest. Odom accepted and thrived in a reserve role during the Lakers' run to the title, averaging 12.3 points and 9.1 rebounds. Odom repeatedly said he preferred to stay with the Lakers, but came close to leaving. Los Angeles pulled a previous contract offer from the table, and Dwyane Wade heavily lobbied Odom to return to Miami.

Keri Hilson Is Complex

Ms. Keri Baby
check this out...Keri Hilson on the cover of Complex Magazine... Te Gusta?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!

well as you know its obama's birthday...and its mines too, just to let you know.

Happy Birthday Barack Obama......

so today is our president's birthday, and i wanted to personally tell him," Happy Birthday"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Souljaboy Dont Tell ' Em.

now im not hating on soulijaboy by any means. But he is supposed to be a " role- model"
for African- American teens but when heard he bought a diamond encrusted, Lamborghini chain, my mouth fell to the floor. Come on now honestly, your gonna spend money on a diamond crusted toy???? Come on Souljaboy grow up

Day 26


Jay-z Drops album Cover

So im looking forward to Jay-z's album dropping on Sept. 11, i know this will be the greatest. But im not sure on this album cover though, what do you think about it.. leave your comments