Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Music- The Dream " Walking on the New"

Oh, the dream always giving us pop hip hop beats,

that have us strung out for a couple of days,

His lyrics have us hooked for days....with Shawty is a Ten, Falsetto, my love and now Walking on the moon.....

is this a old remake or something new, quirky and fresh?

Most of us here voted fresh but who knows.........

check it out for yourself at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's New In Fashion...

the trends in fashion.. oh how we love them. Whether we are the rocker, the prep,
the hip hop-er we all hold a little fashion in us.
as you know, summer time is right ahead of us, which means the california sun, and the beach for most of us.

So below are my top three must haves for the summer months to come!
Ralph Lauren , Small Aviator Sunglasses

Victoria's Secret
Push up Triangle Top Bathing Suit with matching bottoms

Rainbow Sandals


this are all the must haves you will need to survive the long hot California summer days.. enjoy:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Music

This kid goes hard, with old- school hip hop beats that remind you of Run- DMC and the Fresh Prince 1990's days, Kris Mars fits right in. With crazy song titles like Ice Cream Freestyle, Ask about me, Lost Love Music, and Rockin that thing its no surpise that this high school junior, is already making hits across the world.

In one of his hits, " International Girl" Kris Mars says something i have never heard before in all my years of music. " Hop in a spaceship kick it on blast and tell them haters they could kiss my a**. " Now what chart topper has pulled that line before. He pleads in, " Lost Love Music", " I need you, i need my lost love." Now you could say that its a overused cliche but when have you ever heard Kanye said anything that even close to equavelent? While going into different audio ranges?

Want more of his music check on his site:

Why Rihanna?????

this past weekend as we all know, another celebrity became the center of attention of a naked picture leakage, and her name is Rihanna. I was surpised to say the least, i thought that Miley, or any other celebrity would fall to the scandel before Rihanna would.

was this a cry for help, or just backlash from evil wife beater, Chris Brown?

Hopefully the truth will come to light.

Monday, May 11, 2009

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