Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Music

This kid goes hard, with old- school hip hop beats that remind you of Run- DMC and the Fresh Prince 1990's days, Kris Mars fits right in. With crazy song titles like Ice Cream Freestyle, Ask about me, Lost Love Music, and Rockin that thing its no surpise that this high school junior, is already making hits across the world.

In one of his hits, " International Girl" Kris Mars says something i have never heard before in all my years of music. " Hop in a spaceship kick it on blast and tell them haters they could kiss my a**. " Now what chart topper has pulled that line before. He pleads in, " Lost Love Music", " I need you, i need my lost love." Now you could say that its a overused cliche but when have you ever heard Kanye said anything that even close to equavelent? While going into different audio ranges?

Want more of his music check on his site: www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecommarsizme

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